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Phoenix Arizona AZ croft escort, Ethiopians girl looking up Phoenix Arizona AZ croft escort especially for strangets

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Phoenix Arizona AZ Croft Escort

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My age: 29
Ethnicity: I'm from The Philippines
Sexual orientation: I prefer gentleman
Gender: I am woman
What is my figure type: I'm quite skinny
What I prefer to drink: Lager
Piercing: I have ear lobe piercing
Smoker: No

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View Full Version : Escort Reports.

The gal in the photo was real but she died Dec. Just another example of people out there running a scam. Happy hunting and Caveat emptor! While I puke. Below is a quick sample of Tucson's legit escort scene. Given that most women prefer "flattering" images, I can only imagine what some of these so-called providers look like in real life.

Frankly, it depresses me and makes me laugh all at the same time. Phoenix and Mexico are looking better and better all the time. I agree Brother. I've been here off and on for months, it seems like Cat Eyes is the best thing going locally but it's hard to get a response from her.

But she's constantly posting. I'm guessing "regulars only"?

Was wondering if anyone has tried this one out yet? Any info would be greatly appreciated. I went there and she ghosted me. On top of that, there were two unoccupied, white squad SUVs in back. I hung out for awhile just observing what was going on and I never saw her or the cops.

Take it for what it's worth. Anyone have a contactI'm having a hankering for a nice B. What's the deal with cateyes posting different s? If anyone has her true could you pm me please?

Thank you. Hard to connect with. Stays in nice hotel near TMC. Didn't have any makeup or nails as pictured, but still looked very cute. Nice but small breast. I would repeat. It is hard for me to describe just how revolting this girl looks.

Of course, a stiff dick has no conscious. Decided to try to contact her. Glad I did. Safe location central. Bf was definitely in other room but never felt unsafe. She's super sweet. Almost school teacher type. Lots on the menu even for QV. Gave great BBBJ.

Great smile and very talkative in a good way. Responded very well to positive affirmations and seemed to really enjoy it. Please treat her nice and you will also be treated. Any luck? Please PM me her if you get it. I asked to see her, but I just can't send a picture as she requires. She is real and I saw her without a photo, but she wasted my entire day and night trying to see her and she was not worth it. Her menu was not as advertised, she tried to upsell and she rushed the whole time.

Also, she does look just like the pictures. She is cute in the make a wish kinda way. But not sexy. I would pass on her. I posted a review on her a couple weeks ago if you care to search my posts. It's amazing how fast these women can go downhill. I saw this provider a handful of times when she first got here several months ago and I even recommended her based on her amazing BBBJ.

I never got FS or even saw her naked, but she seemed more like her picture than the reality of what she is now.


I have not been able to contact her for a while now because she changed herbut I recently saw the new on her post and made an appointment with her. She answered in a very skimpy outfit that would have been sexy if it wasn't for the 30 lbs she seemed to have gained sticking out in all the wrong places. Her makeup was also all fucked up and she looked more like a drag queen than a woman. She also had a glass pipe and some baggies sitting on the table so I decided to leave.

I left her a 20 for her time and promptly left. I heard what sounded like her throwing something against the door when I left and she was screaming something. As I got to my car some guy approached me and and started yelling at me saying I ripped his woman off.

For : arizona state university

I had about lbs on this guy and he looked pretty fucked up so I told him to back the fuck off and told him what happened and that I left her a 20 for her time. I asked if we had a problem and I think he realized that he was going to get his ass kicked so he said no and left. Good thing he wasn't packing because a gun would have changed things real quick. I will never see this one again and feel grateful that things didn't get as ugly as she was. It's Hanna Heart.

I luv head posted a fair review of her. I saw her as well, just sort of a grudge fuck after her nonsense. I won't see her again. She seems nice will have to check her out. Location: and oracle.

Mistress karin von kroft

Trust your real brain on this one and move on. Thank you for the report! How about this one? She looks incredibly sexy to me. I suspected the same but she is real and no setup, no pimp or boyfriend around that I could see.

Maitresse synthia

This address is the Best Western on Oracle. She was very accommodating, reasonable and may look even better than her pics. I had a great time with her. Made me wish I had to the time to go back for a 2nd helping today. Treat her well, dear friends.